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The School Day

No school day is ever the same! However, we do have a timetable which provides a structured framework for the children's learning. We place a high emphasis on children developing a love of reading and language - this is reflected in by each class having a dedicated reading slot each day, and story time at the end of most days.

Dropping off your child for the school day - Children will be asked to come in through the gate from the spots on their own.  A member of staff will always be present from 8:45am when the gate will be opened.  All children in Year 1-6 will come to the front gate, with Reception children waiting on the spots at the back gate next to the reception playground.  All children in Years 1-6 must be dropped off by 8:55am, for a 9am registration.  Children will go straight into their classrooms for a morning activity.  Reception children will wait for a member of staff to bring them in at 8:55am, again ready for a 9am registration.  Parents will not come onto the school site with their child in the mornings. 

Collecting your child at the end of the day - In the afternoon, the gate will release at 3:20pm and parents will be able to walk onto site and wait outside on the playground nearest to their child's classroom.  Please be mindful that although Covid restrictions will have been lifted, some adults may wish to keep social distance from others.  Please respect this and allow space where necessary.  Children will be brought out by the class teacher at 3.25pm and will handover to parents and carers, who can then leave the school site together.  Reception children will be brought out to the car park spots at 3:15pm to handover to from teacher to parents and carers.  We ask that you collect youngest children first if yu have more than one child at school.  All families will leave by the front gate (with the exception of families with Reception children only).  Children going to After School Club will meet with Mrs Cullen in the outdoor classroom, before walking round to the hall together for their session.

 During the day, we have staggered times for break and lunch, to allow us to maximise the safe use of our inside and outside spaces.

Reception typically have a morning and afternoon break to suit the day's learning activities, lunch from 12-1pm 
Y1 and Y2 typically have break at 10:40 -11:00am, lunch from 12 - 1pm, and afternoon break at 2.30pm
Y3 to Y6 typically have break at 11:00-11:20am, and lunch from 12:15 - 1:15pm.
They do not usually have an afternoon break.





If parents are running late, they must contact the School Office to alert staff, so that children can be kept safe at the end of the day. Where parents have not arrived to collect their child by 3.35pm, the teacher will take the child to the School Office and they will be booked into After School care (chargeable) until the parent arrives to collect them.

For parents who wish to drop off/pick up outside the normal school hours, we have a brilliant, low-cost Breakfast  Club and After School club facility.