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School Council

Our school council representatives are:


Year 1 - Freddie P and Elodie

Year 2 - Evie and Poppy

Year 3 - Alexia and Ilsa

Year 4 - Oliver and Lola

Year 5 - Laila and Dylan

Year 6 - Ivy, Max and Freya


The school council team are full of ideas and keen to represent their classes and play an active role within the school.


February 2020 meeting summary:

School Council met to share their ideas for how we could develop the school. We started by highlighting what they feel is working well in the school at the moment. A few things they said are working well are:


- School is enjoyable and the lessons interest them

- They feel safe

- Feel comfortable seeking help from adults, they feel listened to and respected 

- Good school trips 

- Running track

- Enjoyed the new skipping ropes

The children then brought forward ideas from their classes on ways we'd could improve the school. A few ideas the children came up with are:

- Install a clock that faces the field

- Separate the playground so football games are in one area

- More charity events to help our community

- More resources to supplement the skipping ropes at playtime

- Quiet zones for reading and drawing at lunch

- Better IT equipment (the children were very excited to hear about our new Chromebooks!)

-Litter picks