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Friends of St Aldhelms PTA

The Friends of St Aldhelm's (PTA) works to support the headteacher and leadership of the school to provide opportunities for all the children in the school. As a fundraising group, the Friends organise events throughout the year which, as well as being fun for all, help to raise funds for projects across the school. Every parent with a child at our school is automatically a member of the Friends of St Aldhelm's, entitled to attend Friends meetings and contribute their ideas and practical help to the running of the Friends group.

At the AGM in October, a new Friends of St Aldhelm's committee was elected:

Committee Members

Chair Tereza Connock
Vice-Chair Becky Leyton
Secretary Chris Pulsford
Vice Secretary Anna Miller
Treasurer Clair Varley ​​​​​​
Vice-Treasurer Kayleigh Oatley








Point of Contact  
Reception Gabby Connock and Katy Emery
Year 1   Adrienne Hardiment and Sally Compton
Year 2 Sarah Shellard and Katy Emery
 Year 3 Sarah Allen and Carla Watts
Year 4  Elaine Jeffery and Nikki Sugg
Year 5  Anna Miller and Clair Varley covering whilst awaiting new parents
Year 6 Nova Jane - awaiting another parent