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One Run Global 15th October 2021

Well done to all classes for completing the One Run Global challenge on Friday 15th October. 

We continuously promote the healthy minds and healthy bodies for our children and staff wherever possible. This has benefits for fitness, wellbeing and positive mental health. This event was a great one to be a part of with thousands of others across the globe...

Classes used their track times to see if they could sustain their running for a longer period of time than usual. Children have been building stamina to run a half or whole lap, with some managing to do 2 or 3 without stopping. This challenge saw some children running for a full 15 minutes. 


"It was harder than I thought it would be!"

"My legs felt like jelly"

"I'm so proud of myself that I didn't stop at all!"

(Quotes from Year 4 and 5 children)

Well done to you all whatever you managed to achieve - Mrs Cohen, Headteacher