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Finches Visit to The Museum of Somerset - Year 4

Year 4 had a great trip to The Museum of Somerset in Taunton on Tuesday 28th February.

First, we enjoyed sharing all of our Roman knowledge. Our guide was very impressed with everything we knew already. After that we dressed up roman armour, togas and poor slave clothes.  


Then we had the opportunity to handle some roman artefacts. We worked as real archaeologists to try and identify what each item was, what it was made out of and what it would have been used for. Our particular favourites were the razors, bowl and roofing tile.


After lunch, we then explored the museum further. Some of our highlights were the huge roman mosaic from Low Ham Villa, all the different brooches like one Boudica might have worn. We also enjoyed finding out about the large collection of roman coins and the skeleton of the roman lady and her dog.