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Outdoor Learning Day

All children took part in an Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday 17th October.

Teachers planned and led learning in a variety of subject areas in our wonderful outdoor environment.

Reception and Year 1 children used our school forest school area for 

Year 2 explored problem solving in maths around the school playground and field

Year 3 set off to the site of the well spring in the village to investigate soil

Year 4 went on a walk through the village, using their senses to fully appreciate all around them

Year 5 went across the glebe land to the woodland area to apply numerous maths skills to build shelters - we saw some amazing collaboration and some budding engineers and architects in the making

Year 6 created natural art pictures in the school grounds

Thank you to our brilliant teaching staff for organising this opportunity and for the fantastic parental support contributed - we are so lucky to have such a rich and beautiful local environment to explore and enjoy. There is clear evidence that the outdoors inspire, motivate and generate deeper learning.