Supporting your child's reading

How does reading work at St Aldhelms?

Children will be able to earn a reading LEARP once a week, which will count towards their planet total. To achieve this, children will need to read at least four times a week a home, either independently or with an adult. Please record this in your child’s reading record book. In each class, reading will be celebrated in a variety of ways, including a reading bears and extra privileges can be earned, such as a child being able to pick two friends to go to break first with.

Why is reading so important?

Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out. The profound power of children’s literature is that it teaches us how to live, not just how to read. The stories and information that children read, changes them by challenging, nurturing, inspiring, and allowing them to discover and explore the world. Children breathe in the big ideas, people, places, and facts and breathe out their own ideas, theories, and opinions in response. The reading/writing connection is beyond language. The integration of both enriches and enlivens the world of a child's mind and thinking. We want to create an atmosphere where reading is approached with excitement and is viewed as an opportunity to delve into another world or experience a faraway adventure.

How to help support your child's reading at home:



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