School Information

St Aldhelm's Church School is a Voluntary Aided,  seven class primary school in Doulting, Somerset. We currently have 202 children on roll, with most of our children coming from Doulting, Cranmore, and Shepton Mallet. 

This section of the website is intended to give parents and carers access to essential information about several aspects of school life. If you are unable to locate the information you require, please contact the School Office.

Paper copies of all documents on the website are available on request from the School Office. Please contact Mrs Barnett, the Office Manager, regarding information  you may require.



How we enable open communication between school and home

We want to be able to bring out the best in your child. We will only be able to do this if there is a three-way partnership: parent/carers – child – school. A key point: our door is always open if you have a question that needs answering or a concern about your child that you wish to raise.

How does school let me know key information?


There are several ways in which we try to communicate key information to parents.


School Info tab for lots of key information,

Calendar for diary dates

Classes page for information about learning in school and how you can support at home.


Whole school Monthly newsletter:

Sign up for an email version by emailing your email address to the School Office  Or  ask for a printed copy, or download a copy from the school website (News and events, Newsletters)  This includes diary dates, updated each month.


Class Welcome letter & Class Fortnight Flyer:  A fortnightly update on the planned learning for your child’s class, including information on any specific events/trips that are planned. Via Homework books and on Classes web page


Class meetings/specific letters: info via bookbag post


Text alert service: We have had positive feedback about how useful this service is, so we’ll keep using it for ‘prompts’ about key events, as well as ‘newsflash notifications’. If we send a general reminder, it will be sent to ‘main contact’ mobile numbers, and will be marked GR. If it is a specific reminder, it will be marked SR.


Notice board outside school: This shows the latest newsletter, community information that involves school, and any crucial newsflashes


Phone call or face to face meeting with teacher, Deputy. Head or Senco

If we need to discuss things specific to your child, we’ll ask you to meet with us, or will call you. 


How can parents/carers let school know something?

If you drop off in the morning, and it’s something quick, then please speak to the class teacher. Alternatively, you can send a note in via bookbag post, or email/phone the office, and they’ll pass a message on to the class teacher/ relevant person.  It is really important that we know if your child is being picked up by someone different: this information is best given direct to the teacher, or to the Office. We cannot simply take your child’s word, and will not release children to ‘unauthorised collectors’.


How can parents/carers check a detail about their child’s learning, homework or behaviour, or raise a concern?

It is important to us that we work together to address any concerns about your child’s learning or wellbeing. Never be worried about broaching what might seem like a ‘small worry’ – it is much better to share these with us, so we can all work together to help your child be happy, confident and the best they can be.


For anything other than a ‘quick chat’, it is best to arrange a meeting with your child’s class teacher(s) to discuss the matter of concern.  This can be done by approaching the class teacher directly, or by contacting the Office, requesting an appointment. This will allow the teacher to put aside an amount of time to meet with you and discuss the matter fully. The class teacher should always be your first port of call. If you still have unresolved concerns, then I would encourage you to make an appointment to meet with me, the Headteacher, or in my absence with my Deputy, Mrs Phillips.


What if parent/carers have a complaint?

Please follow the complaints procedure. See Complaints Policy under Policies on this website.

If the matter relates to your child, speak to their class teacher first.

If this doesn’t resolve the matter, speak to me as Head or Mrs Phillips as Deputy. 


If the complaint is about a school procedure, contact the head. You can email the head with the details of your concern via , or ideally make an appointment via the office to meet with the head in person. 


If you are still unhappy after meeting with the classteacher/deputy/head, you are able to write to the Chair of Governors. This step should only be taken after you have tried to resolve the matter with the school staff.


How can parents/carers get more involved in school life? 

Supporting your child’s learning and development is the most important thing you can do, encouraging them with homework and attending relevant meetings where possible. You might also like to think about becoming an active member of the Friends of St Aldhelm’s (the PTA), or volunteering to work in school as a Parent/Carer helper. If you’d like to help with reading, with practical tasks, or to run an after-school club, please get in contact.