Safe Access to the School site

Entry and exit points for the children at the start of the day and home time are as follows:

Back Gate and pathway leading towards the church - pedestrians

Main Pathway to Chelynch Park - for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists

Main Driveway - for vehicles

Please be aware that the back gate to enter or exit the School is locked between 9.10 - 3.15pm for safety reasons.

We have a one-way system for vehicles accessing the school site. Priority is given to vehicles entering the site.

At key points in the day, traffic on and off the school site is very busy. It is vital, for the safety of all concerned, that vehicles enter and leave the site at very low speed. There is a marked coach bay at the front of the school, which is used by the buses provided by School transport. Please do not park in this bay at any time.

The car park does not belong to the school, but through an arrangement with the Village Hall, we are able to use it during the school day, and are lucky to have access to this extensive area for parking.  

On arrival  in the car park, children should be escorted by the driver of the car into the main school grounds, using the marked pedestrian crossing.

At the end of the day, children must be collected from outside their classrooms. It is a parent/carer's responsibility to ensure that their child is accompanied safely through the car park to their parked vehicle. Where junior aged children live within the village, they are allowed to walk home, if their parent has notified the office and the class teacher of this requirement.

There are times when the car park is full and parents/carers have to park elsewhere. Please help us to maintain cordial relations with our neighbours, by parking with due consideration to their needs for access to their own properties.