Extreme Weather provision

Extreme weather provision:

In the event of extreme weather (eg heavy snowfall), the head teacher and Chair of governors have to make a decision about whether the school should open. This decision is based on information from the immediate locality of the school. The school will open if this is feasible, giving due regard to health and safety of parents, children and staff.

Where a decision is made to close the school, this will be shown here on the NEWS section of the school website, and on the diary date for that day. The head also has to notify Somerset, who will release the information via radio stations:

BBC Somerset Sound 99.5 FM

Heart FM  102.6 FM  97.1 FM  96.5 FM

Breeze FM 108 FM   102.4 FM  107.4 FM

TONE FM  107.8 FM

If school is open, it is important that children wear appropriate clothing: hat,scarf, glove, trousers, warm coat. Children will only be allowed out to break if they have appropriate footwear in school, so please make sure your child either brings in or wears  Wellie boots or walking boots, to keep their feet dry and warm. 

Many of our teaching staff live some distance from school. We may need to merge classes if staff are unable to reach school from where they live.