We offer a range of clubs throughout the year, to give children the opportunity to learn new skills and pursue their interests.

During the first few weeks of the Autumn term, the Y6 children put their bids in to the headteacher for the clubs they wish to run across the year, during lunchtimes.  Staff also offer a range of clubs at different points in the school year, for different age groups. 

Most clubs are offered on a no-cost basis, though occasionally for crafts we will ask for a small donation to cover the cost of materials. Clubs are run on a voluntary basis by staff. Children attending clubs are expected to follow club leaders’ instructions and our simple school rules, so that all can enjoy the club activity.

Club sign up forms will typically come out a fortnight before the new term.  Where there are more children wanting  a place at a club than there are spaces, names will be pulled from a hat, and a ‘waiting list’ kept for future terms.  Information about clubs comes out via the newsletter or club letters, and text alerts are used to nofify parents if a club is not able to run on a night, due to staffing or other events.

Staff-run clubs are offered from Autumn term 2 onwards.

After School Clubs and activities 2018-19  To be advised

If you are a parent / carer with a specific area of expertise or interest and would like to offer a club for children, please contact Mrs Cohen.